Operating lease is a rental agreement where the lessor pays periodic
rentals for the use of assets.

Through this arm we offer customers with a comprehensive Asset Life Cycle
Management programme through Asset Domain Expertise.

We provide unique and specific solutions for Asset Requirements on a ‘Pay as you use’ model.

Flexibility is our middle-name – whether it is depleting capital budgets, cost overruns or changing depreciation laws, we provide prompt and incisive answers to all your problems.

Make your office or institute as per your choice material specification
and design without any investment!

Get a range of asset classes, spanning from:

IT Equipment

Telecom & Networking Devices

Air Conditioning


How DSVPL performs operating lease projects:

Evaluate the property and provide client specific planning.

Design the space according to Specifications that suit their needs.

Interact with the key personnel and professionals to detail out the specific areas of the build.

Have an integrated solution towards, interior, architecture, MEP, HVAC and other Services that go into the build.

Ensure timely construction and high quality of finish of the build.

Provide funding for the entire fitout.

Advantages of operating lease

Provide funding for the entire fit out.

Rentals are structured according to your cash-flow.

The asset is treated as ‘off’ balance sheet.

Better saving of capital and deploying it for other business opportunities.

Less Paperwork Hassles

More Flexibility than a Bank